Hussar Grill Menu with price 2024 in South Africa

Hussar Grill is a famous steakhouse chain in South Africa, known for its quality meat cuts and stylish dining atmosphere. The Hussar Grill South Africa menu features a range of delicious appetisers, salads, steaks, burgers, seafood dishes, sides, extras, meat on the bone, starters, and various decadent desserts. The menu also featured several vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Grilled Halloumi Salad and the Vegan Mushroom Stack.

Some of the popular items on the Hussar Grill menu 2024 included the Prawn & Calamari Combo, the Chateaubriand, and the Hussar Carpetbagger, a steak stuffed.

Hussar Grill South Africa menu (February 2024)

The Hussar Grill South Africa menu prices are on the higher end, with steak dishes ranging from around 200 to 400 South African Rand (roughly 14 to 28 USD). However, many diners feel that the high-quality ingredients, expert preparation, and relaxed and welcoming atmosphere make the prices well worth it. Here is the list of the latest Hussar Grill menu and prices for 2024 in South Africa:

Picked for you

Malva PuddingR 70,00
Lamb ShanksR 354,00
SirloinR 192,00
300g Fillet on the BoneR 294,00
Baked CheesecakeR 75,00
Picked for you

Hussar Grill Starters

Chicken LiversR 102,00
Hollandse BitterballenR 96,00
Tender Fried Calamari StripsR 114,00
Large Black Mushroom – Tomato, feta & Caramelised OnionR 108,00
Large Black Mushroom – Spinach & FetaR 108,00
Hussar grill Starters Menu

Hussar Grill Salads

Greek SaladR 105,00
CaesarR 110,00
Beetroot & Butternut SaladR 105,00
Hussar grill Salads Menu

Steaks and Grills

RumpR 192,00
SirloinR 192,00
FilletR 252,00
RibeyeR 342,00
Hussar grill Steaks and Grills Menu

Meat On The Bone

Spare RibsR 270,00
300g Fillet on the BoneR 294,00
Pork BellyR 234,00
600g T-BoneR 354,00
500g Sirloin on the BoneR 276,00
Hussar grill Meat On The Bone Menu

Hussar Grill House Specialities

Lamb ShanksR 354,00
Grilled Lamb Loin ChopsR 342,00
Hollandse BiefstukR 288,00
Madagascan Pepper FilletR 288,00
Blue Cheese SirloinR 222,00
Hussar grill House Specialities Menu

Speciality Sauces & Compound Butters

Sauce SelectionR 39,00
Bone MarrowR 36,00
Café De ParisR 36,00
Bloody MaryR 36,00
Hussar grill Speciality Sauces & Compound Butters Menu

Hussar Grill Sides & Extras

Oven-roasted vegetablesR 48,00
Pan-fried mushroomsR 65,00
Creamed Spinach and Cinnamon Infused ButternutR 45,00
Crisp onion ringsR 50,00
Side SaladR 35,00
PotatoesR 40,00
Sautéed Green BeansR 38,00
Hussar grill Sides & Extras Menu

Hussar Grill Lighter Grills

The Hussar BurgerR 150,00
The Hussar Steak RollR 180,00
GnocchiR 180,00
Hussar grill Lighter Grills Menu

Hussar Grill Seafood

SalmonR 306,00
Tender Fried Calamari StripsR 228,00
Hussar grill Seafood Menu

Hussar Grill Poultry

Deboned Half ChickenR 180,00
Parmesan Chicken BreastsR 198,00
Hussar grill Poultry Menu

Hussar Grill Desserts

Malva PuddingR 70,00
Baked CheesecakeR 75,00
Death by ChocolateR 75,00
Hussar grill Desserts Menu

Cold Drinks and Mixers

300ml Soft DrinksR 32,00
750ml La Vie de Luc Mineral WaterR 48,00
TisersR 38,00
Schweppes MixersR 28,00
Red BullR 42,00
Hussar grill Cold Drinks and Mixers Menu

Hussar Grill Updated Menu (February 2024)

Hussar Grill is always looking for ways to improve by updating its menu to keep its customers satisfied. Recently the restaurant updates its menu by adding new and exciting items or by improving old ones. By introducing new menu items and promotions, hussar grill aims to attract their new and loyal customers to come back for more.

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Hussar grill updated menu 
Hussar grill updated menu 

Parmesan Chicken Breasts

Hussar Grill menu offers Parmesan Chicken Breasts, it is served with a side of crispy fries or fresh salad. Parmesan Chicken Breasts is a great option for those looking for a delicious and filling meal at Hussar Grill. Its Prices may vary depending on location, but it is usually priced within the average range, making it an affordable and satisfying option for lunch or dinner.

Hussar grill Parmesan chicken Breasts
Parmesan chicken Breasts


Kingklip is a popular fish dish at Hussar Grill menu in South Africa. The Kingklip is grilled and served with different sides, such as vegetables, mashed potatoes, or chips. The dish is usually decorated with fresh herbs and lemon to make it taste even better. It is a healthy and delicious choice for seafood fans, and people who have tried it at Hussar Grill recommend it. The price is reasonable, making it an affordable option for lunch or dinner.

Hussar grill Kingklip
Hussar grill Kingklip

Hussar Steak Roll

Hussar Steak Roll is a delicious South African street food that includes a juicy piece of steak wrapped in a freshly baked roll. You can choose from a range of toppings, including cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, and sauces, to take the flavour to the next level. Locals and tourists love this dish, and it’s a must-try for anyone who wants to experience the tasty and vibrant food culture of South Africa.

Hussar Steak Roll
Hussar Steak Roll

Hussar Burgers

The Hussar Grill is a famous steakhouse chain in South Africa and their Hussar burger menu item. It’s made with a juicy beef patty cooked to perfection and topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion, all served on a fresh bun with a side of crispy fries. This burger is loved by locals and tourists for its delicious taste and high-quality ingredients. Whether you want a classic burger or something more unique, the Hussar burger is the best choice.

Hussar Burgers
Hussar Burgers

About Hussar Grill 

Hussar Grill is a popular restaurant chain in South Africa, renowned for its classic steakhouse menu and sophisticated ambience. The restaurant first started serving the public in 1964, now it has become famous in the country, attracting locals and international visitors.

Hussar Grill’s menu features a wide selection of choices like steaks, burgers, a variety of seafood, salads, and desserts. The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list. Overall Hussar Grill is the best choice for any meat lover visiting South Africa.

Hussar Grill Restaurant
Hussar Grill Restaurant


The Hussar Grill is a South African steakhouse chain that has been in operation since 1964. It is known for its exceptional steaks, grills, and seafood dishes.

Yes, the Hussar Grill often has specials and promotions available on their menu. These can include set menus, wine-pairing specials, and seasonal dishes.

Yes, reservations can be made at any location. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance, especially for larger groups or during peak hours.

We have no information about their halal menu. It is best to check their site or nearest location.

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