Tashas Menu And Prices 2024 South Africa

Tashas is a popular fast-food restaurant and cafe chain that originated in South Africa offering delicious items including Caribbean and soul food.

Some of the most famous items are Wingz & Thingz (Buffalo Chicken Wing and Cajun Blackened Wings with Garlic Aioli), Sides (Cabbage and Potato Salad), Caribbean dishes (JW Wings, Red Snapper, and Roti), Soul Food (choice of two sides with dishes like BBQ Beef Ribs, Fried Chicken, and Shrimp ‘N’ Thingz), and Seafood.

Tashas menu is famous among customers due to its delicious items. It’s a perfect place for a relaxed meal with friends or family, the place where conversion and food go hand in hand.

Tashas Prices (February 2024)

Tashas menu prices in South Africa are reasonable, you can enjoy Hummus Toastie for R108, the Savvas Chicken Pasta is R173, the Green Goddess is R95, the Slice of Cake is R105, the Creamy Pesto is R185, and the Texas Salad (V) is R173.

Here is the list of the latest Tashas menu with prices for 2024 in South Africa:

Tashas Menu South Africa

Slice of cakeR 88,00
Savvas Chicken PastaR 152,00
Green GoddessR 90,00
BologneseR 126,00
Arrabbiata (V)R 88,00

Tashas Breakfast Menu

Hummus ToastieR 143,00
Dr Paw Paw (V)R 153,00
Citrus Sunrise (V)R 160,00
OatsR 73,00
Butternut zucchini rosti (V)R 130,00
Classic BreakfastR 173,00
Mini BreakfastR 115,00
Plain OmeletteR 73,00
Old School OmeletteR 140,00
Classic French ToastR 123,00
Salmon ScrambleR 155,00
Sweetcorn ScrambleR 128,00
Livers on ToastR 123,00
Tashas Breakfast Menu

Tashas Healthy Appetite Menu

tashas® Comfort Quinoa Bowl (V)R 135,00
Fruit SaladR 118,00
Tasha’s Healthy Appetite Menu

Tashas Salads Menu

Chopped House Salad (V)R 140,00
tashas® CaesarR 153,00
Butternut Salad (V)R 165,00
Texas Salad (V)R 165,00
Quinoa & Barley Feta Salad (V)R 170,00
Halloumi SaladR 195,00
Tuna Garden SaladR 198,00
Tasha’s Salads Menu

Tashas Sandwiches Menu

Rump ZarmieR 170,00
Schnitzel SarmieR 190,00
PregoR 160,00)
Sicilian Panini (V)R 135,00
Whole Wheat Chicken WrapR 140,00
Tasha’s Sandwiches Menu

Tashas Quesadillas Menu

Sao PauloR 153,00
The South AfricanR 158,00
The GreenlandR 140,00
Tasha’s Quesadillas Menu

Tashas Easy Eating Menu

Beef BurgerR 185,00
Lemon ChickenR 173,00
Parmesan & Couscous Crusted ChickenR 168,00
SteakR 230,00
Tasha’s Easy Eating Menu

Tashas Pasta Menu

Ninetta’s Napoletana (V)R 86,00
Arrabbiata (V)R 88,00
BologneseR 126,00
Creamy PestoR 167,00
Savvas Chicken PastaR 152,00
Baked meat pastaR 228,00
Zucchini Rosa (V)R 140,00
Tasha’s Pasta Menu

Tashas Sides Menu

ChipsR 48,00
Crushed Baby PotatoesR 35,00
Side Greek SaladR 73,00
Side BroccoliR 65,00
Side ButternutR 45,00
RiceR 40,00
Side Green SaladR 70,00
Tasha’s Sides Menu

Tashas Cake Menu

Slice of cakeR 88,00
Tasha’s Cake Menu

Tashas Cold drinks Menu

CokeR 40,00
Coke LightR 40,00
SpriteR 40,00
FantaR 40,00
Still WaterR 36,00
Sparkling WaterR 36,00
Tasha’s Cold drinks Menu

Tashas Retail Menu

tashas® cookbookR 450,00
Tasha’s Retail Menu

Tashas Smoothies Menu

Peanut ProteinR 90,00
Berry AcaiR 90,00
Golden MangoR 90,00
Green GoddessR 90,00
Tasha’s Smoothies Menu

Tashas Freezos Menu

Cino FreezoR 68,00
Tasha’s Freezos Menu

Tashas Extras Menu

Chicken BreastR 53,00
Goats cheeseR 53,00
Sundried tomatoesR 35,00
Cottage cheeseR 40,00
CheddarR 28,00
OlivesR 35,00
FetaR 23,00
MozzarellaR 28,00
AvoR 43,00
HalloumiR 65,00
Italian sausagesR 43,00
BaconR 40,00
Parma HamR 73,00
150g RumpR 93,00
40g Smoked SalmonR 90,00
170g tunaR 73,00
MaconR 53,00
Tasha’s Extras Menu

Tashas Updated Menu (February 2024)

Tashas always keeps its menu updated by introducing new and exciting items on its menu. As a competitor in the fast-food industry, Tasha needs to update its menu. Here is all the information about Tasha’s updated menu.

Tasha’s breakfast menu 2024

Tashas offers a variety of breakfast options on their menu. You can enjoy Texas Salad, Mediterranean Lemon Chicken, Dr Paw Paw, and Citrus Sunrise in your breakfast meal.

  • Texas Salad: A fresh salad with corn, feta, cherry tomatoes, olives, basil, and rocket with a light basil pesto, and lemon dressing.
  • Mediterranean Lemon Chicken is a dish with lemon butter and rosemary sauce.
  • Dr. Paw Paw: It’s a long-standing dish on the Tasha’s menu, consisting of papaya topped with yogurt and chopped almonds, and drizzled with honey.
  • Citrus Sunrise is a dish with citrus fruit, banana, and other ingredients.
Tashas breakfast menu and times South Africa

Tasha’s Famous Menu Items

Some of the most famous items on Tasha’s menu include the avo smash, a hearty avocado dish served with feta, cherry tomatoes, beef burger, and Tasha’s burger. Customers can choose from a variety of options to enjoy a balanced meal.

The popularity of these menu items has made Tasha’s a beloved destination for fast-food lovers in South Africa. Whether you want to enjoy just a snack or a full meal, Tasha’s menu is the best option for you.

Tasha’s famous menu items
Tasha’s famous menu items

Tashas Online Delivery

Whether you are at home or the office you can enjoy your favorite meals by ordering them online using Tasha’s online delivery option through their website or using a third-party delivery service such as Uber Eats or Mr. D food.

You can also select your payment methods such as through credit card or payment at delivery. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite Tashas menu item from your home.

Tashas online delivery


Tashas Cafe is a famous fast-food chain that was founded in 2005 by Natasha Sideris. The first Tasha’s branch was opened in South Africa to offer a unique dining experience. The Cafe quickly gained popularity and expanded to the UAE, establishing itself as a successful and trendy cafe chain in both countries.

The cafe is known for challenging the traditional cafe model and offering a boutique-style dining experience. Tasha’s has become a popular destination for daytime eating and has helped to change the face of the cafe industry in South Africa and the UAE

Tasha’s Restaurants
Tasha’s Cafe


What type of cuisine does Tashas Cafe offer?

In South Africa they offer a diverse range of cuisine, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options. The menu includes classic South African dishes, as well as international cuisine, with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

What are some popular dishes on the Tashas cafe menu?

Some popular dishes on their menu include the Avocado Toast, Eggs Benedict, Gourmet Burgers, Prawn Linguine, and the Tashas Salad.

Does they offer catering services?

Yes, they offer catering services for events and functions, including corporate events, weddings, and private parties.

What are the operating hours for Tashas Cafe in South Africa?

Tashas working hours is 8AM to 6PM. It may vary depending on the location. It is recommended to check the specific restaurant’s website for their operating hours.

How many outlets Tashas have in South Africa?

They have 15 restaurants outlets in South Africa, with most of them located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria.

Contact Information

Do you want to contact the cafe team in South Africa? Feel free to contact the team through the following social media sources:

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