Kream Menu with Price 2024 in South Africa

Kream menu is a popular restaurant menu in South Africa; it is known for its stylish atmosphere and high-quality meals. The Kream South Africa menu offers a range of dishes like Suchu, Starters, Salads, Desserts, and Drinks.  Some of the standout items on the menu include grilled prawns, wagyu beef burgers, and truffle risotto.

Kream Menu South Africa (February 2024)

Kream menu prices in South Africa are on the higher end, with starters ranging from R85 to R140, main courses starting at around R190 and going up to R380. For dessert, they have options such as baked cheesecake and chocolate fondant for R80 each.  Overall, Kream offers a great dining experience with delicious food at reasonable prices. Here you will get latest Kream menu and prices for 2024 in South Africa:

Kream South Africa Menu

Springbok CarpaccioR 119,00
CrocodileR 144,00
Pistou SoupR 90,00
Snails gorgonzolaR 119,00
Chicken LiversR 95,00
QuailR 144,00
Smoked Snoek ParcelR 119,00
Bone MarrowR 114,00
Pork CroquetteR 105,00
TrinchadoR 119,00
Mushroom and Biltong SoupR 90,00
Wild Mushroom tartR 102,00
Steak TartarR 132,00
Chargrilled AvocadoR 95,00
Kream South Africa menu

Kream Classic Sushi

California RollsR 70,00
3 Pieces of SashimiR 90,00
2 Pieces of NigiriR 60,00
6 Pieces of MakiR 60,00
Hand RollsR 60,00
Fashion SandwichesR 80,00
Kream Classic Sushi menu

Kream Gourmet Sushi

8 Pieces of Crispy Fashion FusionR 126,00
8 Pieces of charred Salmon and Cream Cheese RollR 144,00
8 Pieces of Spicy Salmon and Prawn Fashion SandwichR 132,00
3 Pieces of Salmon and Prawn RosesR 106,00
4 Pieces of Tempura RollsR 132,00
3 Pieces of Salmon RosesR 94,00
3 Pieces of Tuna RosesR 94,00
8 Pieces of Dragon RollsR 179,00
3 Pieces of Springbok RosesR 94,00
Kream Gourmet Sushi

Kream Salads

Biltong SaladR 162,00
Poached Pear SaladR 132,00
Chicken SaladR 132,00
Kream Salads

Kream Mains: Grills

Fillet Bone MarrowR 286,00
Pork RibsR 258,00
Ribeye TartufataR 298,00
Sirloin Biltong Blue CheeseR 252,00
Fillet CamembertR 298,00
Rump PepperR 252,00
Lamb loin ChopsR 276,00
Kream Mains: Grills

Kream Mains: Poultry

Half Spatchcock ChickenR 198,00
Chicken ParmigianaR 198,00
Chicken and Bacon PastaR 198,00
Duck leg confitR 276,00
Kream Mains: Poultry

Kream Mains: Venison

Springbok ShankR 264,00
RabbitR 264,00
Kream Mains: Venison

Kream Mains: Seafood

King PrawnsR 300,00
Baby KingklipR 298,00
Norweigen SalmonR 288,00
CalamariR 226,00
Cajun HakeR 198,00
Kream Mains: Seafood

Kream Mains: Comfort and Vegetarian

Pork BellyR 252,00
OxtailR 286,00
Lamb ShankR 288,00
Vegetarian RisottoR 198,00
Mushroom and Broccoli PastaR 174,00
Peppadew and spinach GnocchiR 198,00
Kream Mains: Comfort and Vegetarian

Kream Dessert

Blondies and BrowniesR 89,00
Coffee and Cranberry MousseR 110,00
Malva PuddingR 75,00
Candy CrushR 95,00
Pear TartR 95,00
Kream Dessert

Kream Extras

MashR 30,00
ButternutR 30,00
SpinachR 30,00
RiceR 30,00
Baby PotatoesR 30,00
Potato WedgesR 30,00
RisottoR 35,00
SauceR 35,00
Kream Extras

Kream Soft Drinks

Coke 200mlR 27,00
Toni Glas Ice Tea Kiwi CucumberR 42,00
Coke Zero 300mlR 32,00
Sprite Zero 300mlR 32,00
Apple Tizer 275mlR 35,00
Red GrapetizerR 35,00
Red BullR 42,00
Stoney 300mlR 35,00
Kream Soft Drinks

Kream Updated Menu (February 2024)

Kream in South Africa has recently updated its menu. The new menu offers a range of exciting and delicious dishes, including starters and main courses like lamb shank, oxtail, rabbit, paper rump,  pasta, and vegetarian risotto. Don’t forget to check the latest krispy kream South Africa menu.

There are also a variety of delicious desserts, like the apple and cinnamon tart and the white chocolate mousse. With the new menu items, Kream has brought a lot for meat lovers and vegetarians. The restaurant’s stylish atmosphere and friendly service make it the best spot for a night out with family or friends.

Kream Updated Menu South Africa
Kream Updated Menu

Kream Sushi

Kream Sushi menu in South Africa is a delicious and famous food option. Kream is a restaurant that serves fresh, tasty, and high-quality sushi.  The restaurant is known for its innovative and creative sushi rolls made with fresh ingredients and flavors. Sushi is the best choice for sushi lovers.

One serving of Sushi contains approximately 0.11 grams of fat, 7.77 grams of carbohydrates, 157 kj of energy, 1.12 grams of protein, and 37 calories. With its great atmosphere and friendly staff, Kream is the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal.

Kream Drinks
Kream Drinks

Kream Drinks

Kream drinks in South Africa are not only famous for their sushi but also known for their tasty and freshness. The restaurant offers a wide selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages to complete your meal. You can choose from a variety of cocktails, beers, and wines to satisfy your wish.

If you’re not in the mood for alcohol, Kream also has a range of refreshing juices, sodas, coffee, and teas. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing drink to extinguish your thirst or a cocktail to unwind with friends, Kream has something for everyone.

Kream Drinks
Kream Drinks

Kream Pasta

Kream Pasta is a famous dish at the Kream restaurant in South Africa. They are known for their delicious dishes. The pasta is made with high-quality and fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. The Kream Pasta offers a variety of options, including vegetarian and seafood options.

One serving of pasta contains approximately 1.11 grams of fat, 25 grams of carbohydrates,5 grams of protein, and 131 calories. With its great atmosphere and friendly staff, Kream is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and satisfying pasta dish in South Africa.

Kream Pasta
Kream Pasta

About Kream Restaurant

Kream Restaurant is located in South Africa and has several branches nationwide. They are known for their unusual food and stylish and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring a range of dishes that serve various dietary preferences.

The restaurant modern and modern decor creates an elegant atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meal. Overall, Kream Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable dining experience in South Africa.

Kream Restaurant South Africa


Kream is a fine dining restaurant located in Pretoria, South Africa, that offers a unique and contemporary dining experience.

Kream offers a range of innovative and contemporary dishes, including seafood, steak, sushi, and vegetarian options.

Yes, they offer catering services for private events and functions, including weddings, corporate events, and birthdays.

The price range varies depending on the dish, but it is generally considered to be on the higher end of the spectrum for fine dining restaurants.

We have no information about their halal menu. To get accurate information, it is best to visit their official site or nearest location.

Contact Information

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