Sandwich Baron Menu 2024 South Africa

If you want to enjoy your dining with appetizing, energetic, and spicy sandwiches in South Africa, you must take a look at the Sandwich Baron Menu in South Africa. They are serving the world’s best and most famous sandwiches in a warm environment that makes your dining unforgettable. Whether you want classic ham and cheese sandwich or something else, Sandwich Baron menu is a best choice for you at reasonable prices.

Sandwich Baron South Africa Menu

In addition to many tantalizing choices to tantalize the taste buds, the Sandwich Baron South Africa menu is the best option for those who have a wide variety of dietary preferences, as they offer a wide range of options from hearty meat-filled creations to vegetarian delights. Here is the list of the latest Sandwich Baron Menu South Africa with Prices in 2024:

Picked for you

Steak TacoR 91,00
Mince TacoR 85,00
Classic ClubR 98,00
Chicken Mayo FLR 98,00
Meatballs, Cheese and Chutney FRR 90,00
Picked for you

Sandwich Baron Sandwich

Crispy Bacon and Chicken MayoR 74,00
Chicken MayoR 52,00
Crispy Bacon and AvocadoR 64,00
Bacon and CheeseR 53,00
Chicken Mayo and AvocadoR 66,00
Cheese and TomatoR 46,00
Bacon, Cheese and Egg SandwichR 62,00
Chicken Mayo and CheeseR 61,00
Bacon, Feta and AvocadoR 77,00
Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Pork SausagesR 78,00
Bacon and Scrambled EggR 59,00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese and PineR 69,00
Bacon and AvocadoR 59,00
Creamy Peri Peri Chicken LiversR 38,00
Cheese and AvocadoR 55,00
Bacon, Cheese and MushroomsR 72,00
Biltong and Chicken MayoR 77,00
Chicken and AvocadoR 56,00
Beef, Avocado Gherkin and SaladR 85,00
Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Pork SausagesR 73,00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese and AvoR 75,00
Frankfurter and BBQ SauceR 55,00
Beef, Cheese and AvocadoR 73,00
Double Bacon, Mozzarella and CheddarR 77,00
Chicken Mayo and FetaR 70,00
Ham and CheeseR 51,00
Ham, Cheese and AvocadoR 65,00
Ham, Cheese and TomatoR 56,00
Meatballs, Cheese and ChutneyR 64,00
Scrambled EggR 40,00
Steak and CheeseR 66,00
Steak, Cheese and AvocadoR 81,00
Steak and Fried OnionsR 62,00
Steak, Fried Onions, Tomato and BBQ SauceR 78,00
Sandwich Baron Sandwich

French 22 cm roll

Bacon and Avocado FRR 78,00
Bacon and Cheese FRR 72,00
Bacon, Cheese and Egg FRR 85,00
Bacon and Scrambled Egg FRR 77,00
Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork Sausages FRR 99,00
Bacon, Feta and Avocado FRR 100,00
Crispy Bacon and Avocado FRR 83,00
Crispy Bacon and Chicken Mayo FRR 100,00
Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork Sausages FRR 104,00
Beef, Avocado Gherkin and Salad FRR 116,00
Beef, Cheese and Avocado FRR 98,00
Biltong and Chicken Mayo FRR 101,00
Cheese and Avocado FRR 75,00
Cheese and Tomato FRR 65,00
Chicken and Avocado FRR 81,00
Chicken Mayo FRR 75,00
Chicken Mayo and Avocado FRR 96,00
Chicken Mayo and Cheese FRR 90,00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese and Avo FRR 111,00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese and Pine FRR 103,00
Chicken Mayo and Feta FRR 98,00
Creamy Peri Peri Chicken Livers FRR 53,00
Double Bacon, Mozzarella and Cheddar FRR 108,00
Frankfurter and BBQ Sauce FRR 75,00
Ham and Cheese FRR 68,00
Ham, Cheese and Avocado FRR 88,00
Ham, Cheese and Tomato FRR 78,00
Meatballs, Cheese and Chutney FRR 90,00
Scrambled Egg FRR 56,00
Steak and Cheese FRR 94,00
Steak, Cheese and Avocado FRR 114,00
Steak and Fried Onions FRR 90,00
Steak, Fried Onions, Tomato & BBQ Sauce FRR 116,00
French 22 cm roll

Footlong 35 cm roll

Bacon and Avocado FLR 105,00
Bacon and Cheese FLR 101,00
Bacon, Cheese and Egg FLR 118,00
Bacon, Cheese and Mushrooms FLR 127,00
Bacon and Scrambled Egg FLR 104,00
Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Pork Sausages FLR 130,00
Bacon, Feta and Avocado FLR 131,00
Crispy Bacon and Avocado FLR 109,00
Crispy Bacon and Chicken Mayo FLR 129,00
Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Pork Sausages FLR 134,00
Beef, Avocado Gherkin and Salad FLR 143,00
Beef, Cheese and Avocado FLR 127,00
Biltong and Chicken Mayo FLR 130,00
Cheese and Avocado FLR 103,00
Cheese and Tomato FLR 92,00
Chicken and Avocado FLR 108,00
Chicken Mayo FLR 98,00
Chicken Mayo and Avocado FLR 126,00
Chicken Mayo and Cheese FLR 122,00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese and Avo FLR 147,00
Chicken Mayo, Cheese and Pine FLR 137,00
Chicken Mayo and Feta FLR 127,00
Creamy Peri Peri Chicken Livers FLR 72,00
Double Bacon, Mozzarella and Cheddar FLR 148,00
Frankfurter and BBQ Sauce FLR 104,00
Ham and Cheese FLR 94,00
Ham, Cheese and Avocado FLR 118,00
Ham, Cheese and Tomato FLR 108,00
Meatballs, Cheese and Chutney FLR 114,00
Scrambled Egg FLR 74,00
Steak and Cheese FLR 121,00
Steak, Cheese and Avocado FLR 146,00
Steak and Fried Onions FLR 114,00
Steak, Fried Onions, Tomato & BBQ Sauce FLR 147,00
Footlong 35 cm roll

Club Sandwiches

Savoury Mince and Cheese ClubR 91,00
Chicken Mayo Sriracha SaladR 85,00
Classic ClubR 98,00
Classic SandwichR 78,00
Tuna Sriracha ClubR 85,00
Club Sandwiches

Sandwich Baron Breakfast

Light BreakfastR 65,00
Vegetarian BreakfastR 70,00
Sandwich Baron Breakfast

Sandwich Baron Wraps

BBQ Chicken & Honey WrapR 65,00
Bacon & Cheese Omelette WrapR 85,00
Mince & Cheese Omelette WrapR 103,00
Spinach, Cheese & Avocado Omelette WrapR 81,00
BBQ Steak, Avo and Salad WrapR 91,00
Chicken Mayo, Lettuce and Avocado WrapR 78,00
Chicken Mayo and Salad WrapR 72,00
Chicken Strips, Avocado and Fried Onion WrapR 78,00
Crumbed Chicken and Salad WrapR 78,00
Ham, Mozzarella and Salad WrapR 72,00
Crispy Bacon & Cheese Omelette WrapR 92,00
Sandwich Baron Wraps

Sandwich Baron French Taco

Chicken TacoR 78,00
Chicken & Bacon TacoR 91,00
Mince TacoR 85,00
Steak TacoR 91,00
Steak & mushroom tacoR 104,00
Sandwich Baron French Taco

Sandwich Baron Salad

Avocado SaladR 78,00
Chicken and Avocado SaladR 91,00
Chicken and Feta SaladR 85,00
Chicken Mayo and Crispy Bacon SaladR 98,00
Chicken SaladR 72,00
Crispy Bacon and Avocado SaladR 91,00
Greek SaladR 75,00
Steak and Crumbled Feta SaladR 90,00
Sandwich Baron Salad

Sandwich Baron Banting

Banting Breakfast BoxR 72,00
Banting Chicken StripsR 85,00
Banting Chicken Livers Peri PeriR 52,00
Banting BurgerR 111,00
Banting OmeletteR 85,00
Banting Veggie OmeletteR 79,00
Sandwich Baron Banting

Sandwich Baron Lunch Box

Samoosas & Chicken Strips PlatterR 290,00
Samoosas & Chicken Nuggets PlatterR 290,00
Samoosas & Cheese Balls PlatterR 290,00
Samoosas & Sausage Rolls PlatterR 290,00
Creamy Chicken Livers Lunch BoxR 72,00
Tasty Chicken BoatR 73,00
Snack BoxR 118,00
Lunch BoxR 113,00
Training Lunch Bag Option 1R 85,00
Training Lunch Bag Option 2R 129,00
Sandwich Baron Lunch Box

Sandwich Baron Drinks

CokeR 22,00
Coke LightR 22,00
Coke ZeroR 22,00
Fanta GrapeR 22,00
Fanta OrangeR 22,00
SpriteR 22,00
Sparkling WaterR 18,00
Still WaterR 18,00
Sandwich Baron Drinks

Sandwich Baroon South Africa Updated Menu 2024

Sandwich Baron Menu is not famous for its few menu items, they always update their menu with the passage of time which makes for customers new taste buds. By using healthy and fresh constituents and well-trained chefs, every single bite produces bursts of different flavors. Their menu combines quality ingredients with culinary expertise to create a unique and innovative mix of classic flavors and creative creations.

The Sandwich Baron, a sandwich bar and wrap shop, ensures that there is something for everyone’s palate, as they provide an array of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Must check out latest Sotano menu in South Africa. Here is the list of Sandwich Baron South Africa’s Updated Menu 2024.

Sandwich Baroon South Africa Updated Menu 2024
Sandwich Baroon South Africa Updated Menu 2024

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It is the most famous and delicious sandwich on the Sandwich Baron South Africa menu. Every single bite is the perfect combination of beautiful flavors that produce a melodious contrast of textures. By preparing it with buttery, toasted bread, melted cheese provides a creamy and savory element. A variety of cheeses can influence the taste, ranging from mild and gooey to sharp and tangy, creating a wide range of flavors.

Each bite brings warmth and satisfaction and is a comforting and familiar taste. A grilled cheese sandwich was first prepared in the 1920s. Its main constituents include bread, cheese, butter, tomatoes, bacon, sauces, seasoning pepper, sunflower oil, chicken, and mayonnaise. About 250 calories are present per serving.

Sandwich Baron Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Sandwich Baron Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Vegetarian Wrap

It is another of the most famous and best-selling items on the sandwich baron menu in South Africa. Vegetarian Wrap is the perfect combination of fresh vegetables and herbs that create a satisfying taste. Fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes make for a refreshing combination, while bell peppers add crunch and creaminess. Each ingredient contributes its unique soul to the overall palate experience making each vegetarian wrap an enjoyable and versatile choice for a satisfying dinner.

These wraps can have their own unique profile that makes them a versatile and enjoyable meal choice. It was first introduced in 1988. Its main ingredients are wraps, fresh vegetables, black beans, sauces, spinach, carrot, cucumber, black and white pepper, tomato, lettuce, and olive oil. About 40g of wrap contains about 90 calories.

Sandwich Baron Vegetarian Wrap
Sandwich Baron Vegetarian Wrap

Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos are the most famous and mouth-watering item at Baron Sandwich South Africa. Every single bite creates new taste buds due to the delicious combination of flavors that they offer. Fresh salsa, tangy lime juice, creamy avocado, crisp lettuce, and a drizzle of hot sauce or crema add complementary flavors that produce freshness, tanginess, creaminess, and a touch of heat.

With the combination of these constituents, chicken tacos are a popular choice because they provide a graceful and well-balanced smack experience. It originated in Mexico. The main ingredients of this beautiful dish are chicken, tortilla, chili powder, ground cumin, black pepper, avocados, tomatoes, salsa, onion, cheese, lettuce, and olive oil. About 230 calories are present per serving.

Sandwich Baron Chicken Tacos
Sandwich Baron Chicken Tacos

About Sandwich Baron

Sandwich Baron is one of the famous fast-food chain restaurants in South Africa. It was first opened in 1996 by Sally J’Arlette-Joy, in Alberton. After its success, now it is serving numerous locations. It is famous because of its flavourful and mouth-watering sandwiches that are famous all over the country.

In addition to sandwiches, Sandwich Baron also offers breakfast options, platters for catering purposes, and a selection of sides and beverages to complement the meal. The franchise aims to provide quality food and excellent customer service, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

Sandwich Baron Restaurant
Sandwich Baron Restaurant


They offer a wide variety of sandwiches like chicken, beef, steak, ham, cheese, vegetarian, and more. The menu features both classic combinations and unique creations to suit a diverse range of palates.

Yes, Sandwich Baron provides vegetarian and vegan options including wraps, and salads specifically designed to cater to vegetarians and vegans.

Some locations serve breakfast items, such as breakfast wraps, sandwiches, muffins, croissants, and more. However, breakfast availability may vary depending on the specific location. It is recommended to check with your nearest Sandwich Baron to see if they serve breakfast.

Yes, it provides both delivery and takeout services. You can place an order for delivery by calling the restaurant directly or using third-party food delivery platforms, if available in your area.

We have no information about Sandwich Baron Halal. Visit their official site or nearest location for up-to-date information.

Contact Information

If you want to contact Sandwich Baron, South Africa, then feel free and contact us by using the following social media sources.

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