Butler’s Pizza Menu with prices 2024 in South Africa

If you want to entertain yourself with the best, spicy, and tasty pizzas, then take a look at Butler’s Pizza Menu in South Africa. They are offering a wide variety of gourmet and classic pizzas on their menu at reasonable prices, along with a variety of toppings and flavor combinations. Whether you are in the mood for vegetarian or meat, Butler’s Pizza South Africa Menu is your best choice.

Butler’s Pizza South Africa Menu (February 2024)

Along with pizza, it is also a place to enjoy a wide variety of sides, salads, and desserts. The friendly and peaceful atmosphere makes everyone’s gathering unforgettable. Here is the list of the latest Butler’s Pizza Menu with prices for 2024 in South Africa:

Butler’s Pizza South Africa Menu

Pizza Bruschetta 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Baukasten 32cmZAR 10.45
Pizza Rucaccio Vegan 28cmZAR 13.90
Butler’s Pizza South Africa Menu


Pizzabrotecken CheesyZAR 5.45
PizzabroteckenZAR 4.25
Pizzabrotecken mit Sucuk & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Thunfisch & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Rindersalami & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken VeesyZAR 5.65
Pizzabrotecken mit Pute & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Hackfleisch & KäseZAR 7.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Hähnchen Kebab & KäseZAR 7.45


Pizza Damo 32cmZAR 16.45
Pizza Damo 28cmZAR 13.45
Pizza Dö-Na 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Fuego 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Fuego 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Creamy Lala 32cmZAR 15.45
Pizza Dö-Na 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Tuni Fruit 32cmZAR 17.95
Pizza Creamy Lala 28cmZAR 12.45
Pizza Tuni Fruit 28cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Bruschetta 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Bruschetta 32cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Full House 32cmZAR 17.95
Pizza Tuni 28cmZAR 12.45
Pizza Zizou 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Orientale 32cmZAR 16.95
Fety Pepa Vegan 32cmZAR 14.45
Pizza Pinoli Vegan 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Loca 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Capo 32cmZAR 17.95
Fety Pepa Vegan 28cmZAR 11.45
Pizza Zizou 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Tuni 32cmZAR 15.45
Pizza Loca 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Full House 28cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Cheesy Cheese 28cmZAR 13.45
Green Garden Vegan 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Cheesy Cheese 32cmZAR 16.45
Pizza Hot Roumy Vegan 32cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Smokey 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Gorgonzola 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Oliv Champ Vegan 32cmZAR 14.95
Papi Tuno Vegan 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Orientale 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Holland Beef 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Oliv Champ Vegan 28cmZAR 11.95
Green Garden Vegan 32cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Capo 28cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Napolitana 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Napolitana 32cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Holland Beef 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Smokey 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Calimero 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Gorgonzola 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Calimero 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Pinoli Vegan 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Hot Roumy Vegan 28cmZAR 11.95
Papi Tuno Vegan 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Hawaii 28cmZAR 11.45
Pizza Hawaii 32cmZAR 13.45
Pizza Sweet Oriental Vegan 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Rucaccio Vegan 28cmZAR 13.90
Bubba Q Vegan 28cmZAR 13.90
Pizza Mamacita Vegan 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Sweet Oriental Vegan 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Rucaccio Vegan 32cmZAR 16.90
Bubba Q Vegan 32cmZAR 16.90
Pizza Mamacita Vegan 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Classics


Pizza Baukasten 32cmZAR 10.45
Pizza Baukasten 28cmZAR 8.45
Pizza Baukasten Vegan 32cmZAR 10.95
Pizza Baukasten Vegan 28cmZAR 8.95


Pasta ArrabiataZAR 8.45
Pasta TrüffeeZAR 11.45
Pasta Cream BonaraZAR 10.45
Pasta BoloZAR 9.45
Pasta DamoZAR 11.45
Pasta Dö-NaZAR 11.45
Pasta PestoZAR 9.45
Pasta Full HouseZAR 12.45
Pasta Pesto VeganZAR 9.45
TortelliniZAR 11.45
Pasta VeggieZAR 10.45
Pasta Gorgonzola SpinaciZAR 11.45
Pasta Baba ShrimpZAR 11.45
Pasta MorettiZAR 14.45
Pasta GamberettiZAR 12.45


Pasta BaukastenZAR 6.90


Cheesy Chicken GratinoZAR 10.95
Hot Beef GratinoZAR 10.95
Green Greek Gratino (vegan)ZAR 10.95
Spicy Champ Gratino (vegan)ZAR 10.95


Toblerone Stieleis 100mlZAR 2.90
Strawberry Panna Cotta VeganZAR 3.85
Bounty Ice-Cream 50mlZAR 2.50
Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 90mlZAR 3.30
Oreo Ice Cream Stieleis 110mlZAR 2.90
Strawberry Panna CottaZAR 3.85
Milka Choc Topped Cone 110mlZAR 2.90
Bum Bum Eis 72mlZAR 2.50
Magnum Sea Salted Caramel VEGAN 90mlZAR 3.30
Magnum Almond VEGAN 90mlZAR 3.30
Snickers Ice-Cream 53mlZAR 2.50


Red Bull 0,25lZAR 2.75
Red Bull 0,25lZAR 3.55
Fritz-Limo Honigmelone 0,2lZAR 2.85
Mezzo Mix 0,2lZAR 2.55
Mezzo Mix 1lZAR 3.55
Sprite 1lZAR 3.55
Fanta 1lZAR 3.55
BraTee Granatapfel Eistee 0,75lZAR 3.25
BraTee Wassermelone Eistee 0,75lZAR 3.25
BraTee Pfirsich Eistee 0,75lZAR 3.25
BraTee Zitrone Eistee 0,75lZAR 3.25
BraTee Bali Edition Eistee 0,75lZAR 3.25
Coca-Cola 0,2lZAR 2.55
Fanta Orange 0,2lZAR 2.55
Coca-Cola Light 0,2lZAR 2.55
Cola light 1lZAR 3.55
Cola Zero 0,2lZAR 2.55
Sprite 0,2lZAR 2.55
Bismarck (still) 1lZAR 2.45
Bismarck Classic 1lZAR 2.45
Capri SonneZAR 1.35
Fritz-Kola 0,2lZAR 2.85
Fritz-Kola Mischmasch 0,2lZAR 2.85
Fritz-Limo Orange 0,2lZAR 2.85
Fritz-Limo Zitrone 0,2lZAR 2.85
Fritz-Limo Apfel Kirsch Holunder 0,2lZAR 2.85
Fritz-Kola ohne Zucker 0,2lZAR 2.85

Dips & Extras

Knoblauch Butler DipZAR 1.35
Basilikum Butler Dip – VeganZAR 1.65
Spicy Butler DipZAR 1.00
Sour CremeZAR 1.35
Knoblauch Butler Dip – VeganZAR 1.65
Barbecue SauceZAR 1.35
Sauce HollandaiseZAR 1.35
Extra ParmesanZAR 1.00
Extra ChiliflockenZAR 0.50
Trüffel Butler Dip – VeganZAR 1.95
Dips & Extras

Butler’s Pizza Updated Menu (February 2024)

Butler’s menu is not famous for a few popular items but it always updated the menu constantly. Recently, they added new spicy and innovative dishes on their menu that tantalize your taste buds. Now, Butler’s Pizza Menu is also offering a selection of artisanal salads, side dishes, and desserts as well as pizzas.

On top of thin-crust bases and top-quality ingredients, they introduce new flavors and combinations to satisfy a wide range of palates that do not compromise on taste. Butlers Pizza also updated its menu to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences, offering gluten-free and vegan options as well. If you want to enjoy your breakfast with pastries and other baked items then visit Jason Bakery Menu.

Butlers Pizza menu with prices South Africa
Butlers Pizza updated menu with prices South Africa

Butler’s Pizza Quattro Stagioni

It is the most famous and popular pizza at Butler’s pizza South Africa menu. It is also called “four seasons” because it is divided into four parts and each part contains different types of toppings. There is something special about this unique pizza, as it combines a variety of flavors and ingredients to create a harmonious combination By topping it with artichoke mushrooms, ham, olives, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, each section produces a unique and satisfying taste.

The perfect mixture of seasoning constituents elements enhances the popularity of this pizza. This Italian-type classic pizza was introduced in the mid of 20th century. Its main constituents are green peas, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, marinated artichoke, pizza sauces, black and white pepper, vegetable oil, and tomato sauce. About 830 calories are present in it.

Butlers Pizza Quattro Stagioni
Butlers Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Butler’s Meat Feast Pizza

If you want to add something meaty to your dining to make it unforgettable, then you should add meat feast pizza of butlers. It is heartedly and a favorite dish for pizza lovers. A huge variety of meats like pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham create a delicious symphony of rich, hearty, and satisfying flavors. The meats are typically cooked to perfection, resulting in a delicious mixture of smokiness and slight crispiness.

The addition of tomato sauce and melted cheese gives a savory and delightful taste to every single bite. But its taste may vary depending on the different toppings. It originated in the United States. Its main ingredients include pizza dough, pepperoni, tomato sauce, meat, ground black pepper, salami, vegetable oil, bacon, and ham. About 370 kcal are present per serving.

Butlers Pizza Meat Feast Pizza
Butlers Pizza Meat Feast Pizza

Hawaiin Pizza

Hawaiin is the spicy and delicious pizza of butlers that is known for its unique flavors and delightful toppings. There is a unique contrast between the salty ham and the sweet pineapple. That’s why Hawaiian pizza creates a saltiness and sweet taste. Ham has a savory and slightly smoky flavor, while pineapple brings a juicy and tropical sweetness to each bite.

In addition to the best combination of seasoning elements like tomato sauce and melted cheese make it a well-looking and appetizing dish that brings back customers. It was first time introduced in 1962, in Canada.Its main ingredients are pizza dough. Tomato sauce, melted cheese, pineapple chunks, onion, slices of ham, dried yeast, and vegetable oil. A single slice of large slice pizza contains about 255 calories.

Butlers Pizza Hawaiin Pizza
Butlers Pizza Hawaiin Pizza


Butlers Pizza is the most famous and popular fast-food restaurant in South Africa and is best known for its unique flavors and premium ingredients. It was founded in 1989 in Cape Town(a city in South Africa). Michael Forrtman is the founder of this restaurant.

After gaining popularity it is present in numerous locations. From the handmade dough to the flavorful sauce and the crisp toppings, each pizza is carefully crafted from only the best ingredients. They also provide the facility of dine-in and take-out.

Butlers Pizza Restaurant
Butlers Pizza Restaurant


Butlers Pizza offers a wide range of pizzas, including classic favorites and specialty choices, with options for customization to suit individual tastes.

Yes, Butlers Pizza has vegetarian options available. They offer pizzas with a variety of vegetable toppings, as well as salads and sides that are suitable for vegetarians.

Butlers Pizza often runs promotions and special offers, such as discounted meal combos, loyalty programs, or limited-time deals. It’s recommended to check their website and social media pages for any current information.

Absolutely! Butlers Pizza allows you to customize your pizza by choosing your preferred toppings, crust type, and size. Whether you want extra cheese, extra sauce, or a combination of toppings, you can personalize your pizza to your liking.

We have no information about their halal menu. It is recommended that directly contact the restaurant directly or visit their official site.

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if you have any questions about Butler’s Pizza Menu, then feel free and contact the supporting team by using the following sources.

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