Ichiban Menu with Prices 2024 in South Africa

Ichiban menu with pricesIchiban is one of the famous Chinese fast-food restaurants in South Africa that is serving you a wide variety of Chinese flavors with Japanese cuisine. On the Ichiban menu in South Africa, you can enjoy yourself with matcha desserts, sushi rolls, sandwiches, and sashimi.  All the menu items are prepared by experienced chefs and fresh ingredients.

You can enjoy Ichiban South Africa menu items at reasonable prices. One thing you should remember is that the prices given here may vary on the basis of location of the restaurant. Here  is the list of latest Ichiban menu with prices for 2024 in South Afriica.

Ichiban Appetizers

Rock Shrimp (6 pcs)ZAR 6.45
Fried Soft Shell CrabZAR 7.95
Japanese Spring Rolls (3 pcs)ZAR 3.45
EdamameZAR 4.45
Gyoza (6 pcs)ZAR 5.45
Fried Crispy Calamari AppZAR 5.45
Crispy Crab Wonton (6 pcs)ZAR 5.45
Tempura Shrimp AppZAR 6.45
Pepper Tuna AppZAR 6.95
Tuna MartinaZAR 6.95
Yellowtail with JalapeñoZAR 6.95
Ichiban JalapeñoZAR 6.95
Spicy Tuna AppZAR 6.95
Golden SalmonZAR 8.95
Naruto RollZAR 8.95
Rice Out RollZAR 7.95
Ichiban Appetizers

Soup and Salad

Miso SoupZAR 1.95
Garden SaladZAR 2.95
Seaweed SaladZAR 4.45
Tomato Avocado SaladZAR 4.45
Squid SaladZAR 6.45
Pepper Tuna SaladZAR 6.45
Japanese SaladZAR 7.95
Soup and Salad

Sushi a La Carte

White Tuna Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Egg Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 3.45
Yellowtail Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Salmon Roe Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 6.45
Eel Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Octopus Sushi (2 pcs) (2 pcs)ZAR 5.45
Black Pepper Tuna Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Sweet Shrimp Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 7.45
Shrimp Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 3.45
Salmon Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Crab Stick Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 2.45
Smoked Salmon Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Tuna Sushi (2 pcs)ZAR 4.45
Sushi a La Carte

Sashimi a La Carte

White Tuna SashimiZAR 4.45
Egg SashimiZAR 3.45
Yellowtail SashimiZAR 4.45
Salmon Roe SashimiZAR 6.45
Eel SashimiZAR 4.45
Octopus SashimiZAR 5.45
Black Pepper Tuna SashimiZAR 4.45
Sweet Shrimp SashimiZAR 7.45
Shrimp SashimiZAR 3.45
Salmon SashimiZAR 4.45
Crab Stick SashimiZAR 2.45
Smoked Salmon SashimiZAR 4.45
Tuna SashimiZAR 4.45
Sashimi a La Carte

Ichiban Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried RiceZAR 8.95
Chicken Fried RiceZAR 9.95
Beef and Shrimp Fried RiceZAR 11.95
House Fried RiceZAR 12.95
Shrimp Fried RiceZAR 9.95
Chicken and Shrimp Fried RiceZAR 11.95
Beef Fried RiceZAR 10.95
Beef and Chicken Fried RiceZAR 11.95
Ichiban Fried Rice

Yaki Udon and Soba

House Yaki SobaZAR 12.95
Vegetable UdonZAR 9.95
House UdonZAR 12.95
Beef Yaki SobaZAR 11.95
Vegetable Yaki SobaZAR 9.95
Beef UdonZAR 11.95
Chicken Yaki SobaZAR 9.95
Chicken UdonZAR 9.95
Shrimp UdonZAR 11.95
Shrimp Yaki SobaZAR 11.95
Yaki Udon and Soba

Ichiban Kid’s Menu

Kid-Chicken Tender (5 pcs)ZAR 5.95
Kid-French FriesZAR 3.45
Kid-Chicken Nuggets (6pcs) and French FriesZAR 6.45
Kid-Hibachi SteakZAR 9.95
Kid-Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs) and French FriesZAR 6.45
Kid-Shrimp Tempura (5 pcs)ZAR 5.95
Kid-Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs)ZAR 3.45
Kid-Hibachi ChickenZAR 7.95
Kid-Hibachi VegetableZAR 7.50
Kid-Chicken Tender (3 pcs) and French FriesZAR 6.45
Kid-Hibachi ShrimpZAR 8.95
Ichiban Kid’s Menu

Ichiban Side Order

Side ChickenZAR 4.95
Side Spicy Mayo (2 oz)ZAR 0.50
White RiceZAR 1.50
Side Filet MignonZAR 9.95
Side NY SteakZAR 6.95
Fried RiceZAR 3.45
Side Ginger Dressing (2 oz)ZAR 0.50
Side ScallopZAR 6.95
Side VegetableZAR 4.45
Side SalmonZAR 6.95
Side ShrimpZAR 5.95
Side Eel Sauce (2 oz)ZAR 0.50
Side Teri Sauce (2 oz)ZAR 0.50
Ginger Dressing (16 oz)ZAR 4.00
Ichiban Side Order

Ichiban Dessert

Fried Oreo (4 pcs)ZAR 5.00
Chocolate Iced CreamZAR 2.50
Green Tea Iced CreamZAR 2.50
Vanilla Tempura Iced CreamZAR 4.45
Vanilla Ice CreamZAR 2.50
Red Bean Iced CreamZAR 2.50
Ichiban Dessert

Ichiban Beverages

Yellow MellowZAR 1.50
Sweet Ice TeaZAR 1.50
LemonadeZAR 1.50
SpriteZAR 1.50
Apple JuiceZAR 2.50
Diet CokeZAR 1.50
CokeZAR 1.50
Hot TeaZAR 1.50
Orange JuiceZAR 2.50
Unsweet Ice TeaZAR 1.50
Dr. PepperZAR 1.50
Ichiban Beverages

Ichiban Updated Menu

Ichiban South Africa’s menu is not only popular for its few items, but they always add new items to bring their customers back. Sushi rolls, teriyaki dishes, and ramen bowls make your mood hearted and fresh. If you want to lighter dishes then you can taste a salad and sashimi. Want to enjoy Chinese food? Don’t forget to check the latest Kung Fu Kitchen menu for the best Chinese dishes in South Africa.

Everyone can complete his meal with delicious flavored desserts and Japanese cuisine. If you want to serve yourself Japanese cuisine with Chinese Thai then must visit Ichiban restaurant in South Africa. Don’t forget to check the latest News cafe menu in South Africa.

Lchiban Updated Menu
Ichiban Updated Menu


Sashimi is the most famous dish of Luchiban. If you want to eat something different in a meal, then it is the best choice for you. Sashimi is a  Japanese delicacy seafood that is made with fish, and meat sliced as the main ingredient. its taste can be enhanced by adding soy sauce, salmon, and tuna. Sashimi is often used as an appetizer and is best known for its delicious flavors and beautiful presentation. Dipping it in seasoning,( sauce Sauce mixed with wasabi) makes a unique experience for you. Sashimi is considered to be a healthy choice because it contains low carbohydrates and high proteins. 

Its constituents are slices of fish, seafood,  Soya sauce, ginger, pickled,  White radish, and ginger. it was first introduced in 1190.

Ichiban Sashimi
Ichiban Sashimi

Sushi salad

If you want to have something option in your menu then Sushi salad is the best choice. It is one of the most famous dishes at Luchiban. It is prepared by using healthy ingredients with great care and affection. Topping it with fresh vegetables Sesame seeds and seafood, make it a colorful taste.  the popularity of this salad is because of its versatility which attracts everyone.  Mixed greens and lettuce make it a delicious and beautiful presentation. About 300 to 400 calories are present per serving. But its amount varies on the ingredients used.

 Its main constituents are Raw fish,  Tuna, rice, Ginger, Cucumber, avocado, radish, endgame,  Seafood, Soya sauce, and spicy mayo. It originated in Japan in the ninth century and was first used as a preserving for fish salt.

Ichiban Sushi salad
Ichiban Sushi salad

California Roll

Another of the most popular items on the Luchiban menu is the California Roll. It is the best Japanese roll that is known for its combination of flavors and Juicy tastes. Filling it with avocado, coconut, and meat makes the roll appetizing for everyone. The key feature of this is covered with Its recipe is not Complex and is available an affordable price. For those who want Sushi in their meal, a great option for them. It originated in America in 1960. California roll contains about 260 calories, 10 grams of fats, and 13 grams of protein, depending on the ingredients used.

its main ingredients are Sushi rice, avocado, sesame seeds, vinegar, seasoning oil, Noori sheets, and wasabi paste.

Ichiban California Roll
Ichiban California Roll

About Ichiban

Ichiban Restaurant is a famous Chinese and Japanese cuisine-based restaurant that was first introduced in 1993. Now its franchise is present all over the world. It is best known for its variety of foods, welcoming environment, and caring staff. Shio Ramen is a signature dish and is popular in most Japanese restaurants. 

Ichiban Restaurant - Ichiban menu south africa
Ichiban Restaurant


Ichiban is a popular Japanese restaurant chain that offers a diverse menu of authentic Japanese cuisine. With several locations across South Africa, Ichiban aims to provide customers with a memorable dining experience.

Yes, Ichiban typically offers takeout and delivery services for customers who prefer to enjoy their Japanese food at home. You can check with your local Ichiban restaurant for specific information.

Ichiban occasionally offers promotions like discounts, set menus, or limited-time dishes. Stay updated by checking their website, and social media.

Ichiban restaurants might have different opening hours at different places. Usually, they’re open for lunch and dinner. It’s a good idea to check their website or call the restaurant for up-to-date information.

Some of their menu items are halal but not. To get exact information visit their official site or nearest location.

Contact Information

Do you have an you have any questions regarding the Ichiban menu South Africa feel free to contact them through the following social media sources:

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