Woolworth Cafe Menu with prices 2024 in South Africa

If you want to enjoy your midnight party and family gathering with delicious and spicy dishes in South Africa, then you must look at Woolworth Cafe menu.

Woolworths Cafe’s menu contains a variety of delicious dishes, including sandwiches like Tuna Niçoise and Chicken and avocado, salads such as Leafy Greens and Thyme mushrooms, sides, and breakfast items. You can also enjoy their soups, burger wheat, and other delectable options.

Woolworth Cafe Prices (February 2024)

All the menu items are freshly prepared by using natural and high-quality ingredients that tantalize your taste buds. On their menu you can enjoy Tomato Cheese and basil Pesto Toastie for R 95.00, Chicken Sriracha Wrap for R 116.00, Chicken Mayo & Mozzarella Toastie for R 98.00, and Cappuccino Tall for R 48.00.

Their menu features a wide selection of delectable dishes and refreshing beverages to appeal to a variety of tastes and preferences. Here is the list of the latest Woolworth Cafe menu with prices for 2024 in South Africa:

Picked for you

Tomato Cheese & Basil Pesto ToastieR 95,00
Chicken Sriracha WrapR 116,00
Chicken Mayo & Mozzarella ToastieR 98,00
Cappuccino TallR 48,00
Southern Style Chicken WrapR 116,00
Picked for you

All Day Breakfast

Full Breakfast Bun Smoked BeefR 89,00
Crunchy Breakfast WrapR 82,00
Boerewors Breakfst BunR 90,00
Classic Breakfast WrapR 101,00
All Day Breakfast

Woolworth Cafe Toasties

Reuben Sandwich ToastieR 98,00
Tomato Cheese & Basil Pesto ToastieR 95,00
Smoked Beef Avo ToastR 95,00
Chicken Mayo & Mozzarella ToastieR 98,00
The Club Smoked BeefR 98,00
Basil Pesto Chicken Pickled Onion Toastie (New)R 102,00
Chilli Crunch Chicken Toastie (New)R 102,00
Woolworth Cafe Toasties

Woolworth Cafe Hearty Meals

Crispy Hake with PotatoesR 118,00
Chickpea RaguR 119,00
Italian MeatballsR 124,00
Wings and WedgesR 124,00
Burrito Bowl (New)R 124,00
Seasoned WedgesR 60,00
Sweet Spicy WingsR 72,00
Sriracha Chicken Kebab (New)R 72,00
Woolworth Cafe Hearty Meals

Woolworth Cafe Salads

Green Salad with HummusR 112,00
Bulgar Wheat & Hummus Salad (New)R 112,00
Bean, Corn & Avocado Salad (New)R 112,00
Roasted Chicken & Avo SaladR 119,00
Summer Chicken SaladR 119,00
Woolworth Cafe Salads

Woolworth Cafe Wraps

Chicken Sriracha WrapR 116,00
Crispy Hake WrapR 116,00
Hummus Pesto WrapR 112,00
Southern Style Chicken WrapR 116,00
Grilled Chicken WrapR 116,00
Burito Wrap (New)R 116,00
Woolworth Cafe Wraps

Woolworth Cafe Burgers

Beef Cheese BurgerR 119,00
Crispy Chicken BurgerR 119,00
Vegan BurgerR 119,00
Woolworth Cafe Burgers

Vegan, contains gluten

Korean Chicken BurgerR 119,00
Crispy Hake Burger (New)R 119,00
Double Beef Burger (New)R 138,00
Vegan, contains gluten

Woolworth Cafe Sides

Mashes Potato & I Bisto Sauce (New)R 60,00
Buttery Corn (New)R 60,00
Green Veg Medley (New)R 60,00
Woolworth Cafe Sides

Woolworth Cafe Hot Beverages

Cortado DblR 38,00
Flat White DblR 43,00
Espresso SingleR 31,00
Espresso DoubleR 34,00
Americano ShortR 36,00
Americano TallR 40,00
Americano GrandeR 44,00
Cappuccino ShortR 42,00
Cappuccino TallR 48,00
Cappuccino GrandeR 54,00
Chai Latte ShortR 44,00
Chai Latte TallR 50,00
Chai Latte GrandeR 56,00
Hot Chocolate ShortR 47,00
Hot Chocolate TallR 54,00
Hot Chocolate GrandeR 61,00
White Hot Chocolate ShortR 46,00
White Hot Chocolate TallR 53,00
White Hot Chocolate GrandeR 60,00
Dirty Chai ShortR 47,00
Dirty Chai TallR 54,00
Dirty Chai GrandeR 61,00
Mocha ShortR 47,00
Mocha TallR 56,00
Mocha GrandeR 64,00
White Mocha Short (New)R 47,00
White Mocha Tall (New)R 56,00
White Mocha Grande (New)R 64,00
Honey & Nut Latte ShortR 44,00
Honey & Nut Latte TallR 53,00
Honey & Nut Latte GrandeR 61,00
Latte ShortR 42,00
Latte TallR 48,00
Latte GrandeR 54,00
Red Cappuccino® ShortR 44,00
Red Cappuccino® TallR 48,00
Red Cappuccino® GrandeR 56,00
Organic Black TeaR 35,00
Rooibos TeaR 35,00
Woolworth Cafe Hot Beverages

Woolworth Cafe Smoothies

Apple Spinach Avo 350mlR 70,00
Apple Spinach Avo 500mlR 78,00
Berry Smoothie 350mlR 70,00
Berry Smoothie 500mlR 78,00
Pb Ban Smoothie 350mlR 70,00
Pb Ban Smoothie 500mlR 78,00
Super Strawberry 350mlR 70,00
Super Strawberry 500mlR 78,00
Clemengold Mint 350ml (New)R 70,00
Clemengold Mint 500ml (New)R 78,00
Almond and Bananna 350ml (New)R 70,00
Almond and Banana 500ml (New)R 78,00
Woolworth Cafe Smoothies

Woolworth Cafe Iced Drinks

Iced Americano 350mlR 37,00
Iced Americano 500mlR 41,00
Frosted Latte 340mlR 60,00
Frosted Latte 500mlR 68,00
Frosted Dirty Chai 500mlR 60,00
Frosted Dirty Chai 350mlR 68,00
Iced Latte 350mlR 54,00
Ice Latte 500mlR 60,00
Woolworth Cafe Iced Drinks

Woolworth Cafe Drinks

Still Water 500mlR 23,00
Coca-Cola No Sugar 300mlR 26,00
Sparkling Water 500mlR 23,00
Woolworth Cafe Drinks

Woolworth Cafe Menu (February 2024)

In 2024, Woolworths Cafe introduced many new items to its menu, including the Basil Pesto Chicken Pickled Onion Toastie and the Chilli Crunch Chicken Toastie. They have also added a new Burrito Bowl and a Sriracha Chicken Kebab to their Hearty Meals section.

Now they also offer a range of plant-based meat alternatives, such as plant-based mince, sausages, and burgers, which can be used as substitutes for various dishes.

Woolworth Cafe Menu with prices in South Africa
Woolworth Cafe Menu (updated February) 2024 in South Africa

Croissant French Toast

The classic and innovative dish on Woolworth Cafe Menu is Croissant French Toast. it is a heavenly combination of flaky and rich flavors of traditional toast. During every bite, you’ll discover a delicious contrast between the crisp exterior and the soft interior.

The Croissant French Toast is a delicious breakfast treat that you’ll love whether you serve it simply or with fresh berries and powdered sugar. Its taste can be enhanced by using seasoning constituents.

The croissant was first time introduced in Austria. Its main constituents are milk, eggs, salt, butter, croissant, vanilla, powdered sugar, berries, cream, and olive oil. About 550 calories are present in the average serving but it may vary depending on constituents and region.

Woolworth Cafe Croissant French Toast
Woolworth Cafe Croissant French Toast

Mashed Avo Toast

The Mashed Avo Toast at Woolworth Cafe Menu is must must-try choice for those who love avocado. In this dish, ripe avocados provide a rich and velvety texture that melts in your mouth. As a contrast to the creamy avocado spread, the artisan toast provides a satisfying crunch and a wholesome backdrop to the avocado spread’s mild and buttery flavor, complemented by sea salt and cracked black pepper. 

By topping it with sea salt, and a drizzle of extra virgin and olive oil, this dish offers a delightful blend of flavors that leaves a lasting impression on the customer. It was introduced in 1920 by Martin Fesler. Its main constituents are bread, avocado, lemon juice, sea salt, black and white pepper, cheese, olive oil, and egg. About 200 calories are present in 60g.

Woolworth Cafe Mashed Avo Toast
Woolworth Cafe Mashed Avo Toast

Reuben Sandwich

If you are in the mood for something special and hearty on dining, then Reuben Sandwich at Woolworth Cafe Menu is the best choice for you. This classic sandwich is a harmonious blend of flavors that enhances hunger. Besides offering a rich and meaty taste, the corned beef is complemented by sauerkraut, which adds a tangy and slightly sour note. Melted Swiss cheese improves the overall taste profile by adding a creamy, slightly nutty flavor.

A subtle sweetness and a hint of spice combine th the Russian dressing, adding sweetness and spice. It was introduced in 1925. Its main ingredients are butter, bread, sauerkraut, cheese, corned beef, Russian dressing, and olive oil. About 460 calories are present in a single Reuben Sandwich.

Woolworth Cafe Reuben Sandwich
Woolworth Cafe Reuben Sandwich


Woolworth Cafe is a famous and popular fast-food chain restaurant in South Africa that is not only offering delicious but also a go-to destination point for social outings and gatherings. It opened its first food store in 1957. Now after becoming famous, it is present in multiple locations worldwide.

Woolworths is a delectable journey for your taste buds. The company offers all your favorite dishes at reasonable prices. Every menu item is cooked using high-quality ingredients. So that everyone can entertain themselves without going a single step outside.

Woolworth Cafe menu with prices
Woolworth Cafe


Woolworth Cafe is a dining establishment located within Woolworth department stores. It offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere where customers can enjoy a variety of delicious food and beverages.

Yes, Woolworth Cafe caters to vegetarians and vegans with a selection of plant-based dishes. They have options such as vegetarian sandwiches, salads, and plant-based protein substitutes.

Yes, Woolworth Cafe offers a kids’ menu with a variety of child-friendly options. The menu typically includes items such as smaller portions of sandwiches, pasta, and healthy snacks suitable for younger diners.

Yes, Woolworth Cafe offers takeout and delivery services. You can check with the specific location for their available services, whether it’s in-store pickup or delivery through partnering platforms.

Woolworth Cafe has some outlets that are halal certified but not all. In order to get the exact information, it is better to visit their official site or contact them directly

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